Publish NCMF Gazette every quarter of the year

Provide the following services / assistance through the NCMF Public Information and Assistance Desk (PIAD):

  1. Application/Requests to avail NCMF Services
  2. Queries on NCMF programs, projects, and activities
  3. Referrals
  4. Technical Assistance
  5. Complaints / comments / recommendation
  6. Information on action taken on application/requests

Provide maintenance and updating of NCMF website and other NCMF official social media accounts

How to Avail Services for Issuance of Certificate of Tribal Membership, Certificate to avail travel tax exemption  and translation of Arabic document

 Step Applicant/ Client  Service Provider Duration of Activity (Under Normal Circumstances) Person-in-Charge  Forms
1 Filling Up of Application Receive application forms with complete requirements 2minutes LFAD Staff

(Table 1)

BER Form 1
2 Personal Interview  and evaluation of supporting document 20 minutes LFAD Staff

(Table 2)

3 Recording in the Registry Book 3 minutes LFAD Staff

(Table 3)

4 Encoding of Applicant Information 10 minutes LFAD Staff

(Table 4)

 Translation of Arabic Document Simple– within 2 hrs. Complicated- within 8 hrs. NCMF translators
5 Photo Capturing (Except for Translation) 2 minutes LFAD Staff

(Table 5)

6 Proof reading of CTM Entries 3 minutes LFAD Staff

(Table 6)

Proof reading of translation 5 minutes Translators
7 Issuance of certificate 3 minutes Bureau Director
8 Release of Certificates/Documents 2 minutes LFAD Staff

(Table 7)

Schedule of availability of service – Monday to Friday – 8:00am to 5:00pm

Who may avail of the service – Muslim Filipinos