The Bureau of Muslim Cultural Affairs (BMCA) shall be responsible for the conduct of research and studies on the cultural development of Muslim Filipino communities which would serve as the basis for policy and plans formulation, and program and project implementation.

It shall formulate and implement an education program especially designed to improve the literacy level of Muslim Filipinos, including their study of the Arabic language, Islamic heritage, and maintain a central library, museum and audio-visual center to serve as repositories of information on the Muslim Filipino peoples.

The Bureau is also responsible for the Madrasah institutions in the country wherein it will assist and facilitate the applications for registration and accreditation with the Department of Education (DepEd).

It shall also oversee the conduct of the Annual Qur’an Reading Competition.

Organizational Structure

The Bureau of Muslim Cultural Affairs is composed of three (3) divisions to manage its operations, namely:

  1. Cultural Institutions Development Division
  2. Madrasah Development Division
  3. Shari’ah Training Education Division

Operational Programs and Activities

1.0       The Cultural Institutions Development Division is in charge of the following programs and activities:

1.1 Program for the Promotion, Development and Enhancement of Muslim

      Culture and Institutions

  • Technical and financial assistance for the profiling of Muslim Cultural Centers;
  • Recommendation to the Office of the President for the declaration of Eid’ul Fitr ( Hariraya Puasa, ending the month of Ramadhan Fasting) and Eid’ul Adha ( Hariraya Haji, or the Feast of Sacrifice) as National Holidays, and other Muslim legal holidays enumerated under P.D. 1083;
  • Observance and celebration of Muslim Holidays and Festivities;
  • Support to Muslim Cultural Troupes and other cultural practitioners;
  • Technical and/or material support for the observance of Tribal/Indigenous festival and other cultural events and practices;
  • Technical and/or financial technical support to Ulamas, Cultural practitioners through conduct of seminars, conferences, forums and meetings; and
  • Registration of Muslim associations and cultural centers.

1.2 Institutional Support to Qur’an Reading Competition

  • Facilitation on the conduct of the annual Qur’an Reading Competition from Organization/ Community/ Municipal/ District and Cluster Level Competitions;
  • Conduct of the annual Qur’an Reading competition at the Provincial and Regional Level;
  • Conduct of the annual National Qur’an Reading Competition;
  • Philippine participation on International and ASEAN Qur’an Reading Competitions or Exhibitions; and
  • Conduct of Qur’an Memorization Competition, through partnership with concerned Muslim Embassies and Islamic Institutions and Organizations.

2.0       The Madrasah Development Division is in charge of the formulation and implementation of policies, programs and activities for the Development of Madrasah Institutions, and support to the Department of Education Madrasah Programs, as envisioned for National Development, including the following activities:

  1. Assistance and support to DepEd Madrasah Development  Program;
  2. Sponsorship of Conference of Owners/Administrators of Traditional Madaris;
  3. Technical and/or financial support to Madrasah institutions;
  4. Coordination with concerned government, agencies, institutions and individuals regarding Madrasah Development Program;
  5. Profiling of Madrasah schools seeking registration at the NCMF or endorsement for DepEd Accreditation;
  6. Other intervening related activities.