• Undertake and coordinate development programs and projects including designing, implementing and maintaining settlements for the advancement of Muslim Filipinos communities especially the homeless and displaced Muslim families;
  • Provide assistance on legal and technical services for the survey, adjudication, titling and development of Muslim Filipino ancestral lands and settlements proclaimed by the government for the Muslim Filipinos;
  • Assist the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in conducting census on the actual population of Muslim Filipinos nationwide; and
  • Assist in the relocation of Muslim Informal Settler Families in urban areas especially living in the waterways and 3 meters danger zone.
How to Avail of the Informal Settler Families (ISF) Program



Applicant/ Client


Service Provider

Duration of Activity           (Under Normal Circumstances)  




1 Peoples Organization identified by NCMF, LGUs, to be recommended to DILG/NHA  

Settlement Division


3 weeks


BMS staff


Request Form

2 Submit  the required documents  to the NCMF-BMS :

  • List of  identified informal settler families
  • Photo Documentation
  • Barangay Certification
Settlement Division 1-2 weeks BMS staff Follow up slip
3 BMS will facilitate the People’s Organization to identify a Developer/Contractor, Accredited Mobilizer and land owner for the relocation site Settlement Division 1 week BMS staff
4 BMS together with the People’s Organization and the Mobilizer will conduct an ocular survey to the possible relocation site Settlement Division 2 days BMS staff
5 BMS will recommend the Peoples Plan as soon as the documents are completed and submit to the Office of the Secretary for Approval Settlement Division 1 week Chief of Division None
6 BMS will recommend for the presentation of the People’s Plan by the People’s Organization together with the Mobilizer Settlement Division 1 week Copy of Peoples plan
7 Upon the receipt of the completed document a follow up call slip will be given to the Applicant/ Client Settlement Division 1 week Focal Person for Admin Matters

 RELIEF ASSISTANCE COORDINATION DIVISION (RACD) mandated to extend relief/medical assistance with   emphasis   on   providing   support   to   Muslim communities affected by natural and manmade calamities/disaster and primarily in-charge to look into the general welfare and of Filipino Muslims during times of crisis and emergencies, relief operations and legal assistance for Muslim inmates, medical and dental mission and feeding activities.

The BMS is headed by a Bureau Director who is tasked with the following:

  • Ensure unity among all levels of government and all elements of a community;
  • Create and sustain broad and sincere relationships among individuals and organizations to encourage trust, advocate a team atmosphere, build consensus, and facilitate communication; and
  • Synchronize activities of all relevant stakeholders to achieve a common purpose and flexibility in using creative and innovative approaches in solving disaster challenges.
  • Serve as alter ego of the Secretary in all gatherings and meetings with various line agencies of the government whenever secretary is not available and his/her presence is inevitable.