Creating Muslim Assistance and Disaster Response Center (MADRC) and Muslim Disaster Response Unit (MDRU)

The Bureau of Muslim Settlement with the approval of the NCMF Secretary and the Commissioners en banc shall create the MADRC to provide quick action, information and coordination to effectively address calamities and disasters.

Preparing for disasters before they happen, and responding quickly when they do is the program of the BMS Relief Assistance and Coordination Division (BMS-RACD).  Quick response to disaster relief right after natural calamities vital to saving human lives and alleviation of corresponding damage in disaster areas are the utmost goal.  The services of the BMS-RACD include relief operation, deployment of Disaster response team, organization of barangay disaster action team, and preposition of relief supplies.  The MDRU will be created in all NCMF Regional Offices.

MRDC Organizational Chart

  • MDRU Operational Activities
  • The Regional Offices with the BMS-CO recommendation and NCMF Secretary’s approval will create the MDRU in the respective regional offices.
  • MDRU Desk will be established in the regional offices which are primarily responsible in monitoring, gathering information, and reporting disaster/calamities in their respective area of responsibility.
  • Report to BMS-CO the occurrence of disaster/calamities in their respective area of responsibility.
  • MDRU should survey and come out with a Master List of Muslim Communities/Areas affected and the names of its residents who are victims of calamities.
  • Prepare and submit programs to effectively address and provide assistance to the victims of calamities.
  • Coordinate with GOs and NGOs to provide emergency relief assistance to the victims of calamities.

Composition of MDRU:

  • Team Leader/Manager has the overall ground control and oversees all aspects of the operation.
  • Disbursing Officer is in-charge with the financial requirements and the purchase of relief goods.
  • Registration Personnel must ensure that proper registration and documentation of beneficiaries are done.
  • Crowd Control Team must ensure that the beneficiaries of the relief stay in order and follow distribution procedures.
  • Security Personnel/Marshall must ensure the safety of both the relief personnel and the beneficiaries/victims.
  • First Aid Personnel must provide medical/first aid assistance in case of emergency.
  • Relief Distribution Personnel must distribute relief goods smoothly and fairly.
  • Documentation Team must have proper documentation of any data gathered in relation to the disaster/calamity and must be certain before giving out information.