Coordination with concerned partner agencies and other stakeholders.

To provide Comprehensive Relief Assistance, the BMS-RACD may coordinate and secure support and assistance from government organizations (GOs) and non-government organizations (NGOs), such as:

  1. National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC)
  2. Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
  3. Department of Health (DOH)
  4. Local Government Units (LGUs)
  5. Philippine Red Cross (PRC)
  6. Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)
  7. International Relief Organizations (IRO)
  8. Non-Government Organizations (NGO)
  9. Other Donors

Creating Muslim Assistance and Disaster Response Center and Unit (MADRC and MDRU)

  1. The NCMF Central Office through the BMS will establish Muslim Assistance and Disaster Response Center (MADRC) and the Regional Offices will establish and create a Muslim Disaster Response Unit (MDRU) composed of NCMF employees;
  2. The Regional Director may notify BMS for the occurrence of the calamity;
  3. The Regional Muslim Disaster Response Unit will assess and gather information and data on the occurrence of the disaster;
  4. The MDRU Team will coordinate and communicate with lead agencies (DSWD, LGU, RDMC, DOH, NGOs) relative to disaster/calamities.
  5. The Regional Director will make a report to the Secretary through BMS and make/submit a proposal for the relief assistance and financial plan to conduct relief operation;
  6. The BMS will review and evaluate the proposal and recommend for the approval by the Secretary; and
  7. BMS will coordinate with Regional Director for the proper implementation of the relief operation.
  8. Relief implementation/operation proper:
  • The relief team must arrive on time.
  • The team manager must assign each relief personnel to identify individual roles and tasking to have a division of labor and identification of work assignment to avoid overlapping of work.
  • Proper procedure and process must be precisely informed and made known to both personnel and beneficiaries/victims.
  • Ensure that the distribution system shall proceed as originally planned.
  • Immediately evaluate if there are deviations from the original distribution plan.
  • Claim stub or coupon must be given to the recipients/victims for fair and equal distribution of relief goods.
  • Ensure that operators/coordinators and recipients follow instructions on how the distribution is to be done.
  • Team members assist and participate in the operation without prejudice to break time and intermissions.

Relief Distribution and Legal Assistance to Muslim Inmates

  1. The BMS-Relief Assistance and Coordination Division (RACD) will identify the Jail to visit;
  2. The BMS Director will communicate/coordinate with the Jail Warden to identify the Muslim inmates;
  3. Interview the leader of the inmates and identify the problems encountered and their material needs;
  4. The BMS-RACD will make and submit Work and Financial Plan relative to the relief and legal assistance to the inmates;
  5. The BMS will request the NCMF Bureau of Legal Affairs to assist on the legal needs of the inmates;
  6. The BMS-RACD will submit to the Secretary through the BMS Director the program of activities together with the budget requirement;
  7. The BMS Director will recommend and forward the proposal to the Secretary for approval;
  8. Organize the relief team;
  9. Repacking of goods;
  10. Visitation proper;
  11. Submit report to the management.

Medical and Dental Mission

  1. Relief Assistance and Disaster Coordination Division (RACD) will prepare the Program and Financial Plan to conduct Medical and Dental Mission;
  2. Identify the target community/ beneficiaries;
  3. Coordinate with GOs and NGOs to be NCMF-BMS partner in the conduct of Medical and Dental mission;
  4. The program and financial plan for medical and dental mission will be recommended by the BMS for approval of the NCMF Secretary/CEO;
  5. BMS-RADC will organize the team;
  6. Coordinate with the leader of the target community relative to the conduct of Medical and Dental Mission;
  7. Make available the financial requirements and purchase of relief goods/medicines;
  8. Packing of medical equipment/medicine;
  9. Operation and conduct of mission as scheduled; and
  10. Post-activity report.

Post Reporting (Evaluation and Recommendation)

The Relief Assistance and Coordination Division should prepare a report before, during and after the operation and evaluate the relief operation done with appropriate recommendations for improvement of future relief operations.  The following are vital in ensuring a comprehensive post-activity report, to wit:

  1. There must be proper documentation of the event.
  2. There should be proper feedback from the partner agencies and coordinators.
  3. There must be a post operation evaluation meeting.
  4. Make some recommendations to improve the next relief operations to be done.