Who is Qualified to Perform Hajj?

A person is deemed qualified to perform Hajj when he or she is:

Spiritually Prepared

  1. His/her intention is sincere and aimed only to seek Allah’s pleasure; and
  2. Familiar with the stages/rituals of the Hajj and other recommended devotional acts.

Financially Capable

  1. Has the capability to pay his/her travel expenses (airfare, land transportation, lodging, food, and other expenses);
  2. Has the capability to allocate provisions for dependents left at home;
  3. Has no personal debts; and
  4. His/her pilgrimage is not a result of borrowings and begging.

Physically and Mentally Fit as confirmed by a Physician

  1. Must be in good health;
  2. Must not have a communicable disease; and
  3. If partially disabled (one who can at least sit and stand), must travel with an aide at all times.

Requirements for Registration

Personal Requirements

  1. Personal interview of the applicant; and
  2. Personal appearance of the applicant at any DFA Consular Office upon filing of application for Hajj or Regular Passport.

Special Personal Requirements

  1. Female applicants must be traveling with a Mahram;
  2. Minor applicants must be accompanied by both parents; and
  3. Old-aged and handicapped applicants must be accompanied, at all times, by a physically fit relative.

Documentary Requirements

  1. Application for Pilgrimage (Hajj Form No. 1);
  2. Joint affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons/NSO authenticated birth certificate of the applicant;
  3. Medical Certificate (Yellow Card) issued by the Bureau of Quarantine certifying that the pilgrim has been vaccinated against meningitis and flu;
  4. Application for Hajj passport (DFA Form supplied);
  5. Certificate of Tribal Membership (CTM) (Hajj Form No. 2);
  6. Six (6) copies of passport size (1.77” x 1.37”) recent colored photos in royal blue background; headdress in photo must be in dark color (black, brown, etc.); and Two (2) copies of passport size photo in plain white background and Two (2) copies ID size (1” x 1”).

Special Documentary Requirements

  1. For Reverts/Balik-Islam: Duly authenticated Certificate of Reversion/Conversion to Islam;
  2. For woman-pilgrim whose Mahram is her husband: Marriage Contract or Joint Affidavit of Marriage;
  3. For Government Official/ Employee: Appropriate travel order and/or Office Clearance; and
  4. Other travel documents, as may be required.