Criteria and Requirements in the Accreditation of Sheikhs

Pursuant to Section 8, par (q), Republic Act No. 9997, empowering the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) to formulate necessary rules and regulations to ensure the success of the annual Hajj of the Filipino pilgrims, the following criteria and requirements in the accreditation of Sheikhs as Murshids or leaders of pilgrims participating in the Hajj Operations are hereby prescribed, as follows:

  1. All Sheikhs intending to serve as Murshids or Leaders of Pilgrims shall apply in writing for accreditation by filling out an “Application Form” provided by the Bureau of Pilgrimage and Endowment (BPE) at any of the Hajj Registration and Processing Centers;
  2. The applicant Sheikh must be mentally and physically fit as certified by a municipal, provincial or any government medical institution;
  3. He must not be more than sixty-five (65) years of age as evidenced by the NSO authenticated Birth Certificate;
  4. He must be able to read and speak Arabic or English, and should be well-versed in Islamic values, as certified by the Bureau Director, Bureau of Pilgrimage and Endowment;
  5. He must have participated in the Consultative Meetings and/or the Hajj Awareness Program (HAP) Seminar on Trainor’s Training for Sheikhs conducted by the Bureau of Pilgrimage and Endowment;
  6. For new Sheikh applicant, he must have performed hajj, at least, three (3) times, duly certified by the Bureau Director, Bureau of Pilgrimage and Endowment and must have learned the hajj rituals required of a Sheikh;
  7. He must have no outstanding Hajj-related obligations, and must submit a Certificate of Good Moral Character issued by the concerned NCMF REGIONAL AND PROVINCIAL HAJJ REGISTRATION AND PROCESSING CENTERS (RPHRPC) which has jurisdiction in his area;
  8. He must submit an NBI or a Police Clearance for the current year, indicating no pending criminal or administrative case;
  9. He must sign a Contract of Service with the Bureau of Pilgrimage and Endowment, stipulating among others that booking shall be made in close coordination with BPE, compliant to the minimum and maximum required group number of 45 and 48 pilgrims, respectively, and duly endorsed by the BPE.
  10. He must particularly observe the guidelines set forth by the Bureau of Pilgrimage and Endowment and the deadline for submission of the final flight schedule of his group, in coordination with his chosen travel agency;
  11. He must also comply and observe the laws, rules, regulations and guidelines imposed by authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the performance of Hajj, particularly the Saudi policy requiring Hajj arrival in GROUP OF NOT LESS THAN 45 JAMA’AH, and submit ON TIME to the BPE his group flight schedule, in coordination with his chosen Travel Agency;
  12. He must have no record of violation of any of the terms and conditions set in the previous and present Contract of Service and/or Affidavit of Undertaking he signed with the Bureau of Pilgrimage and Endowment;
  13. He must not be currently employed at the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, regardless of the status of employment or area of assignment; and
  14. Sheikh recommended for accreditation by the BPE Director shall be subject to final approval by the Secretary.


Interested applicants for registration as Waqf Institution, Property, Project, etc. shall, upon submission of necessary documents, be entered in the BPE’s Registry of Awqaf and shall avail of related services of the Bureau, particularly on the aspect of Awqaf management and administration.

For purposes of promoting and spreading the righteousness of Waqf, existing Waqf Institutions, Properties and Projects in the Philippines are candidates for Recognition (Recipient of Awards) by the Bureau and for Endorsement to prospective Waqf endowers for possible sponsorship and support.