OIC Tahir S. Lidasan, Jr., CESO II Office of the Officer-in-Charge (02) 952-48-75 [email protected]
Commissioner Paisalin P. Tago Office of Commissioner Tago [email protected]
Commissioner Abdulwahid A. Inju Office of Commissioner Inju [email protected] / [email protected]
Commissioner Aisha F. Malayang Office of Commissioner Malayang [email protected]
Commissioner Jamel P. Dinil Office of Commssioner Dinil [email protected]
Commissioner Abdulhadi T. Daguit Office of Commissioner Daguit [email protected]

[email protected]

Commissioner Fatmawati T. Salapuddin Office of Commissioner Salapuddin [email protected]
Commissioner Yusoph Roque Morales Office of Commissioner Morales [email protected]
Vacant Commissioner for Youth
Executive Director Tahir S. Lidasan, Jr., CESO II Office of the Executive Director (02) 952-48-75 [email protected]
OIC Abubakar L. Sansaluna Office of Deputy Executive Director
Atty. Jehan-Jehan A. Lepail (Chief of Staff) Office of the Secretary (02) 952-48-75 [email protected]
Director Laman M. Piang, CESO IV Bureau of Muslim Cultural Affairs [email protected]
Director Mito-on M. Ibra Bureau of Pilgrimage and Endowment (02) 952-47-27 [email protected]
Atty. Rolando T. Abo Bureau of Legal Affairs [email protected]
Ceasar M. Maranda (Officer-in-Charge)
Bureau of External Relations [email protected]
Dida A. Umal (Officer-in-Charge)
Bureau of Muslim Economic Affairs [email protected]
Atty. Sittie Amirah K. Pendatun Bureau of Peace and Conflict Resolution [email protected]
Director Araman S. Belleng Bureau of Muslim Settlement [email protected]
Director Camad A. Edres, CESE NCMF – NCR (02) 711-61-12 [email protected]
Director Bai Sinab M.Dimaampao NCMF – North Luzon (045) 409-34-20 [email protected]
Atty. Dalomilang N. Parahiman NCMF – South Luzon (02) 286-04-65 [email protected]
Director Malo B. Manonggiring NCMF – Visayas (032) 256-25-68 [email protected]
Director Zulfikar J. Abantas NCMF – Zamboanga (062) 922-14-04 [email protected]
Acting Director Kenny A. Tan NCMF – Sulu [email protected]
Abdulnasser P. Masorong Jr. (Officer-in-Charge) NCMF – Cagayan de Oro (088) 857-55-86 [email protected]
Director Norhaida M. Lumaan
NCMF – Davao (082) 226-27-92 [email protected]
Director Datu Mama S. Sinsuat, Jr., CESE NCMF – Cotabato (064) 421-30-92 [email protected]
Acting Director Alikhan M. Taib NCMF – Marawi [email protected]
Acting Director Nadzma M. Ameril-Naga NCMF – Caraga (085) 341-2585 [email protected]
Director Haidee V. Ampatuan, MNSA Planning Service (02) 952-47-27 [email protected]
Director Abdullah S. Macarimpas Administrative Service (02) 952-64-19 [email protected]
Khamil M. Manalundong (Officer-in-Charge) Finance and Management Service (02) 709-60-19 [email protected] 
Sarah L. Camama Lanao del Norte [email protected]
Provincial Director Guialil R. Kanda General Santos City [email protected]
Ascelaine Malande Tawi-Tawi [email protected]
Marajaman D. Usman Basilan [email protected]
Marilyn M. Quiñonez Surigao [email protected]