The Bureau of External Relations (BER) shall be responsible in forging linkages among Muslim Filipino communities and organizations within and outside the country including print, broadcast, and electronic communications.

The Bureau shall also serve as the public information arm of the Commission and assist in fulfilling information dissemination on issues affecting Muslim Filipinos.

Its task is to carry-out sound dissemination practices and may use the services of other agencies to help achieve an informed judgment on issues.

Organizational Structure:  

The Bureau of External Relations (BER) is composed of two divisions to manage its operations, namely:

  1. Foreign and Local Assistance Division
  2. Public Relations Division

Operational Programs:


  1. The Bureau provides technical assistance to activities or programs of local or foreign government agencies and non-government organization, other programs and activities of NCMF such as assistance to Medical Missions in Muslim communities, in commemorating Muslim holidays, celebration of the Philippine Independence Day and flag day, women’s month and other similar occasions, reception of foreign guests and dignitaries, as well as assistance to Hajj operations and evaluation of applicants for educational scholarship offered by Muslim embassies .
  2. The Bureau also facilitates the signing of memorandum of agreement / understanding with other concerned agencies and institutions for purposes of cooperation and linkages.


Letter request / intention to avail the technical assistance services of NCMF-BER duly submitted at least 2 weeks before the scheduled date of the program