The Bureau of Pilgrimage and Endowment (BPE) is primarily responsible for the administration of the annual Muslim  pilgrimage to Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the formulation and implementation of programs, projects and activities for the efficient and effective administration and supervision of the conduct of pilgrimage activities: Provided, that the supervision accorded the Bureau under this section shall not include control.

Pursuant to the above responsibilities, the Bureau shall formulate the necessary guidelines to ensure the timely processing of the pilgrim’s travel documents and the equitable and reasonable collection of fees.  Such collection shall be limited to mutawiff and passporting and/or processing fees only.  Collected fees shall be deposited in a special trust fund which shall be established by the Commission, the expenses from which shall be subject to existing auditing laws, rules and regulations.

The pilgrims shall be accorded free choice of travel agencies and airlines or other means of transportation to and from the site of pilgrimage : Provided, that pilgrims comply with the prescribed arrival and departure schedule fixed by the Ministry of Hajj of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Provided, further, That all pilgrims shall be legitimate holders of round-trip tickets to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia : Provided, furthermore, That the pilgrims shall be free to choose on where to purchase or acquire other logistics, materials and supplies for the pilgrimage.

In no instance shall the pilgrims be forced to purchase such logistics, materials and supplies from the Commission or its authorized agents or representatives.

The Bureau shall also accredit qualified and deserving sheikhs. It shall also formulate, subject to the approval of the Commission, the time table of annual Hajj activities which must be posted in all areas accessible to Muslim Filipinos.

The Bureau shall, likewise, be responsible for the administration of awqaf properties and institutions, and the conduct of research and studies for the establishment and maintenance of Hajj towns, Islamic centers and awqaf projects.

Organizational Structure

The Bureau of Pilgrimage and Endowment is headed by a Bureau Director and composed of the following divisions to manage its operations, namely:

  1. Pilgrimage Operations Division
  2. Endowment Administration Division