PostsAbout Planning Service

Under Article II, Section 12 of Republic Act No. 9997, the Planning Service of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos is responsible for providing the Commission with efficient and effective staff services regarding planning, monitoring, and evaluation of programs and projects.


  1. Advice management on research and information policies;
  2. Provide the Commission with efficient, effective and economical services relating to planning, programming, project development and evaluation, management information system, research, and studies on the Commission’s programs, information, and publication;
  3. Publish and disseminate necessary information and research studies to the public and/or agencies concerned;
  4. Provide technical assistance in the formulation of short and long-range and annual plans and programs to the Commission;
  5. Develop, maintain, update, and implement a management information system for the Commission;
  6. Integrate the regular and annual reports of the Commission;
  7. Assist in negotiating with international or bilateral agencies in carrying out the Commission’s projects;
  8. Coordinate and maintain linkages with research centers of other agencies, institutions and sectors on areas of concern; and
  9. Prepare and submit reports required by other offices and agencies concerned.

Organizational Structure

The NCMF Planning Services (PS) is composed of the following divisions to manage its operations, namely:

  1. Policy and Program Development Division
  2. Project Evaluation and Monitoring Division
  3. Management Information System Division

 Operational Programs and Activities

No. Output Duration OPR
1 Quarterly Accomplishment Prepare quarterly report every 15th of the ensuing quarter MED/PPDD
2 Annual Accomplishment Reports Prepare annual accomplishment report every 31st of January of the ensuing year MED/PPDD
3 Annual Budget Proposal Prepare annual budget proposal  1 month before the Technical Budget Hearing  of DBM MED/PPDD
4 Project Proposal Prepare 1 month prior to the conduct of the project PPDD
5 Monitoring and Evaluation of PAPs Conduct monitoring & evaluation during actual implementation of PAPs MED
6 M&E Report Prepare 1 week after the completion of the activity MED
7 Capacity Building Prepare proposal  at least month  prior to the conduct of the training MED/PPDD
8 Strategic Planning Conduct annual Strategic Planning every 4th week of January of the current year MED/PPDD
9 Memoranda Prepare memorandum to concerned delivery units at least 1 month prior to the deadline of submission MED/PPDD