1. Quality Management System (QMS Manual)
  2. Quality Policy
  3. QMS Process Map


  1. Policy and Program Design, Formulation  and Development
  2. Nonconformity and Corrective Action Procedure
  3. Secretariat Support to En Banc Meetings
  4. Internal Quality Audit
  5. Conduct of Strategic Planning
  6. Conduct of Operational Planning
  7. Consolidation of Output and Reporting
  8. Monitoring of Stakeholders Satisfaction


A. External Relations

  1. Issuance of Certificates
  2. Management Assistance
  3. Provision of Public Information
  4. External Communications

B. Legal Affairs

  1. Provision of Legal Assistance/Support 

C. Muslim Cultural Affairs

  1. Annual Quran Reading Competition
  2. Issuance of Certificate of Registration and Recognition for Traditional Madaris
  3. Regular Series of Shariah Training Seminar

D. Muslim Economic Affairs

  1. Small Business and Trade Development Management
    (Livelihood trainings for Muslim Entrepreneurs) 
  2. Halal Awareness Training Seminar
  3. Halal Accreditation Process of Domestic/Local Halal Certifying
  4. Cooperative Management Development (Muslim Cooperatives
    Capacity Building Seminar)
  5. Manpower Skills Training Development Management

E. Muslim Settlements

  1. Disaster/Relief Training and Development Program
  2. Relief Assistance and Disaster Coordination
  3. Coordination for the relocation of informal settler families
    (ISFS), Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and/or Locally
    stranded families/individuals (LSF/IS)
  4. Assessment and Updating of Profile of Muslim Communities

F. Peace and Conflict Resolution

  1. Peacebuilding and Development
  2. Mediation and Conflict Resolution

G. Pilgrimage and Endowment

  1. Pilgrimage Operations 
  2. Hajj Financial Management
  3. Endowment Administration

H. South Luzon Regional Office

  1. Annual Regional Quran Reading Competition
  2. Socio-Economic Development Management
  3. Relief Assistance and Disaster Coordination
  4. Provision of Legal Assistance and Support
  5. Peace Building Program
  6. Payroll Management

I. SOCCKKSARGEN Regional Office

  1. Relief Assistance and Disaster Coordination
  2. Peace Building Program
  3. Payroll Management
  4. Socio-Economic Development Management
  5. Monitoring Stakeholder Satisfaction
  6. Legal Assistance and Support Services
  7. Provision of Shariah Training Education
  8. Pilgrimage Operation
  9. Madrasah Development
  10. Issuance of Certificates
  11. Cultural Institutions and Development


A. Finance Management

  1. Accounting Management New title: Accounting Management
    and Processing of claims
  2. Preparation and Submission of Remittances to GSIS, LBP,
    HDMF, PHIC, and BIR
  3. Preparation and Submission of Financial Statements and Other
    Financial Reports
  4. Payroll Management
  5. Budget Management
  6. Cashiering Management
  7. Management and Internal Audit

B. Administrative Management

  1. Recruitment and Selection 
  2. Learning and Development
  3. Personnel Performance Appraisal
  4. Property Management
  5. Supplies Management
  6. Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Procurement

C. Information Technology Management

  1. ICT Equipment Management
  2. ICT Infrastructure Management and Preventive Maintenance
  3. Control of Documents
  4. Control of Records