Photo: Seated from left to right, Ustadza Manalinding, PS Director Haidee Ampatuan, Commissioner, Abdulhadi Daguit, ED Tahir Lidasan, Jr., Madrasah Chief, Bashier Tomilang with the young students of Basic Madrasah Education

Commencement exercises mark the end of a school term and at which certificates of completion are conferred. For this year’s Basic Madrasah Education, a total of twenty one (21) students enrolled and only fourteen (14) ages 8-15 years old received their certificates of completion. These children are the sons and daughters of NCMF personnel who were given the prerequisites of Islam. It is believed that a Muslim learner should have the prerequisite skills about Islam so that he or she may be able to embrace the religion in a holistic manner. Prerequisite skills may be in the form of reading some texts in the Qur’an or writing in Arabic, and learning some basic Arabic greetings such as “Assalamu Alaykum” and “Insha Allah”; and familiarizing about the five pillars of Islam. In this way, it will be easy for children to see the religion of their parents, now their religion, as a way of life.

On May 8 to May 25, 2017, the Bureau of Muslim Cultural Affairs (BMCA) headed by Director Laman M. Piang CESO IV, in partnership with the Planning Service headed by Director Haidee V. Ampatuan MNSA, conducted a Basic Madrasah Education for the children of NCMF personnel. The project aims to: a) instil Islamic values that are consistent with the Qur’an; b) boost children’s learning and love for their religion; c) produce good citizens of the country and good human beings – those that live according to moral principles and humanistic values, and; d) institutionalize Madrasah education as regular program of the Commission.

To give honor to the children who participated in the program and to their parents, a commencement exercise was organized by BMCA and Planning Service.

The program started with a prayer led by one of the students, Mr. Taharudin Ampatuan, Jr followed by the singing of the National Anthem led by Ms. Mudzna K. Ismula. It was followed by an inspirational message by the Honorable Commissioner Abdulhadi T. Daguit in which he mentioned of the importance of receiving Islamic education from a madrasah. According to Commissioner Daguit, a student must study seriously and wholeheartedly as there will be moments in life that the knowledge one gained might prove useful, particularly in providing the working knowledge that may be used for practical purposes. For instance, if one has great command of the Arabic language, he/she could work in Middle East countries, or work as a translator, more so pursue graduate studies on Islamic studies thereby increasing the number of Filipino Islamic scholars in the country.

The conferment of certificates was led by Commissioner Daguit, Executive Director Tahir S. Lidasan, Jr., Director Ampatuan, and Acting Chief Basher Tomilang of the Madrasah Division. Apart from the certificate of completion, the young graduates were also given one pack of dates, abaya for girls and head dress for the boys.

The project would not be successful without the full support of the Honorable Secretary Yasmin Busran-Lao, who believed in the noble purpose of the activity. Secondly, the teacher who generously spent her time and expertise in teaching patiently the young Muslim learners. As a sign of gratitude, the organizers awarded the DepEd-ALIVE teacher, Ustadza Shanie M. Manalinding a Certificate of Appreciation along with one (1) box of dates for the assistance she offered to the Commission. Lastly, the BMCA and Planning Service project officers who worked hard to ensure the smooth and successful conduct of the classes.

To show a glimpse of what they have learned in the month long summer class, Ms. Norhaima P. Imam, one of the students, read a verse from the Qur’an which she delivered with confidence. It was then followed by a song number prepared by the whole class.

To formally end the program, Executive Director Tahir S. Lidasan, Jr. thanked the brains behind the Summer Basic Madrasah Education, the teacher, and the students for having a successful culmination activity. He also mentioned that he will look forward to having the Madrasah education institutionalized in the Commission.


by: Planning Service